Gonerby Gazette: Our 10th Anniversary

Our 10th Anniversary

10 years and a bit ago, on a family holiday, I read an article in a magazine which gave me the idea of starting a local magazine for advertising recommended services to other local people. My son James was only 13 years old at the time but his IT skills definitely were a few light years ahead of mine. I would like to say a very big thank you to my son James for his assistance with the production and design of the Gonerby Gazette; James is still in charge of production and design even though he has now established himself in his own career.

My idea was to start a local magazine that had “recommended only” advertisers. To advertise in the Gazette a business has to provide a minimum of two “customer references”; I take up these references personally. I try to ensure that only reliable and skilled local businesses advertise with the Gonerby Gazette.  Many of our original recommended advertisers I met during a building project at our home, great local businesses; builders, electricians, plumbers, and decorators and I am delighted to say that many of these advertisers are still advertising with us today.

Over the last ten years we have had the opportunity to use the Gonerby Gazette to promote a number of charities that are close to my heart. In particular the St Barnabas Hospice in Grantham, Beaumond House Community Hospice in Newark and MacMillan Cancer Support. I am grateful to all of the people involved with these charities for their enthusiasm and professionalism, always hitting our deadline!

We have also been able to promote many local charity events that our readers have contacted us about. I feel very lucky to have had the opportunity to help promote these local events and raise money for so many local charities.

Christine Sheartone is a special friend and I have had the pleasure of sampling her cooking and baking for many years. She has been sending us her delicious seasonal recipes for a feature in the Gazette since 2006. Christine entertains a lot and she cooks with a passion, developing her own recipes or adapting other recipes that have caught her eye.  “Thank you Christine.”

Lesley van Huyssteen also a special friend gave the Gazette many travel articles over the years. Unfortunately Lesty (her nickname) is too busy back in Cape Town managing a retirement village, she has proved to be irreplaceable! “Thank you Lesty”.

It took us a few attempts to find the right printers; Fovia printers in Bourne have been our printers for a number of years now, and I can highly recommend them. Fovia do an outstanding job every time. 

“Thank you Graham, Stephen, Rob and team.”

As well as being the editor I am also responsible for distribution. We now deliver to Great Gonerby, Gonerby Hill Foot, Long Bennington and Fernwood. Being in charge of distribution means a lot of walking! I would like to give a special huge “thank you” to Mick and Anne who have helped deliver the Gazette in areas of Great Gonerby since their semi-retirement from the post office in Great Gonerby.
“Thank you Mick & Anne and grandchildren.”

Finally, a huge “thank you” to you our readers, who have contacted so many of our advertisers to say that they have found them in the “Gonerby Gazette” and have helped us to be successful. 


Louise & James